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Почти год, как "переехала" в Instagram. Скучаю по многим моим френдам. Может кто то из вас тоже там, а я не знаю? Маякните, буду очень рада. :))
Так же, по старой дружбе, можно попросить вас проголосовать за чудесных детей моей любимой подруги и за её невероятно украшенную ёлочку? Номер 5 и номер 34 + ещё один участник на ваше усмотрение (голосовать нужно обязательно за троих!). Спасибо - спасибо - спасибо!!!

Новогодняя сказка

Решили поучаствовать в конкурсе.
Номинация: Классическая ёлка


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Семья Angry Birds.
Номинации детский и взрослый новогодний костюм.


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Friends cut

I decided to clean up my friends list.There are some people who never wrote me a single comment for the past 6 months +.I don't feel comfortable that some people look at my personal stuff and don't say anything.If you don't have anything to say (EVER!) why are you still here?!I am keeping all of my close friends + people whos journals I love.
Take care!
This journal is "Friends Only".It contains a lot of pictures of my family.If you want to be added-leave a comment.I usually add back pretty much everybody.
Yesterday I got a package from my friend with a bunch of russian books for kids and 2 CD's with russian kid's songs from movies and cartoons.I am ecstatic!!!I'll try my best to teach my son thins language.

A couple of questions...

1.Moms who got stretch marks during or after pregnancy-how long did it take for them to fade?
2.Moms who were/are co-sleeping with their kids-when is the right time to put them in their own beds?Was it difficult?

Yesterday I put away all of my winter clothing and took out all the summer stuff.Yeah....tons of clothes and barely anything fits.Pant,shorts and skirts don't fit for the obvious reasons (stomach is still bloated,thighs are gigantic),but shirts don't fit pretty much cause of my boobs.They went from "A" cup to "D",so all my shirts became "belly shirts",which is NOT good at all.I wonder if I will ever use my old clothes.Or should I go and get the whole new wardrobe?!Like that's going to happen...

Baby swing is the best invention EVER!!!!!
i didn't update in forever.no time at all.right now i am holding my sleeping baby with one hand and typing with another.waiting for him to fall asleep a`little bit deeper,so i can lay him down.i used to write to my mom every single day.well,that's over.when max is sleeping i am running around cleaning the house,taking care of the animals,cooking,etc sometimes i don't even turn the computer on all day.which never happened before.but when i do i read every bodys posts and try to comment.so guys,please don't delete me =) i'll post some new pics later.

max is already smiling and holding his head.he is growing way too fast.
Today Max and I went to his 1 month appointment.Everything is good,he weighs 12 lb 1 oz (5 kg 240 g),his length is 22 1/2 in (57 cm).His head measures at 40 cm.Doctor called him a "champion",said that he is the biggest boy in her practice =)) She said that it's ok that he gained so much weight,cause it's all from breast milk and I should keep feeding him on demand.He knows how much he needs.All the nurses couldn't get enough of him,said that it's such a pleasure working with big,strong,healthy baby.I am so happy for my little guy.
On Saturday I have to go out and show some houses for at least 3 hours.Sooooo,it's either Mike and Max are coming with me OR I have to use a breast pump for the first time.Here are some questions for breastfeeding moms:
1.Is it safe to pump yet (he will be 1 month old on Thursday)?
2.What if he doesn't take a bottle (he doesn't even take a pacifier!!)?
3.When do I pump:before,after or during the feeding?

I am so scared about the whole thing,but I can't afford to loose a potential client,I HAVE to go.If Mike and Max come with me,then Mike will be sitting in the car,while I show houses and if Max gets hungry...I guess I tell my clients to wait while I nurse.They are coming all the way from PA and it's not like they have all the time in the world to sit in the car and wait for us.I am so nervous.I wish we had money so I can just sit at home and nurse my baby....

Max got his first peace of mail-his social security card.=)
And we also got his birth certificates.Now he is an american citizen.Unlike his mommy....=)))
Today I got a gift for Max from my host family in Germany.An awesome "Steiff" toy.It's a little blanket with a duck's head and wings attached to it.I couldn't find a picture on-line.It was SO sweet of them.I know already it will be his "lovey",it's just so damn nice and soft.

Max's bathroom is finally finished!!!!

I took this pics for my mom,but also decided to post them here.And also a picture of his first Easter basket from his Nana =))His bedroom is also finished,the only things that are missing are curtains.Mike's mom is still working on them...
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I did something productive today:protected my mattress with a big garbage bag and some blue tape,just in case my water breaks in my sleep or while I am laying down.

Mar. 29th, 2006

I didn't update in a longest time.I an either really tired or busy.So,let's see what is new....
I washed and ironed all the clothing for my baby.Separated all the gifts from the shower (clothing by size,gifts by "theme":bathroom,toys,kitchen stuff,etc),ironed and hung curtains.We installed the car seat and today we are going to the police station to make sure it was done right.
I am 36 weeks and 1 day.Started to drink raspberry leaf tea,it suppose to help to avoid all the rips down there.Hopefully it will work.
Furniture is coming on Friday,finally I will be able to put everything in the right place.Bathroom is not done yet.It's taking forever.
I wanted to ask you all,do you remember when you gave birth?At how many weeks?I just want to know the statistics =))
I wrote before that my parents bought us a stroller.Well,they sent us the money for it and we went to "Babiesrus" and got it.That night I went on-line and saw the same exact one $170 cheaper + free delivery on a wonderful web site www.albeebaby.com!!!!We returned the other one and bought this one.Today we received it and it looks GREAT!!!I just want to put my dog Candy in it and go for a walk =).From now on we are buying everything on-line.

My parents bought us a stroller!!!!!!

Today I went for my 32 weeks check-up.Everything is fine,baby is DEFINITELY head down,blood pressure is great.She said I am really swollen (I knew it already) and she also sent me to a neurologist for my headaches.He said I have tension headaches and I can't do anything about it but take a Tylenol.So,this is all.Also I started to pack my hospital bag.I know it's too early but I would rather have everything ready.
Just checked my "Babies R Us" registry...I shouldn't have done it.Only 2,5 weeks until my shower and just 28 items out of 119 were bought.Most of the things that were bought are spoons,cups and bowls.So,it was one person who bought it all to make a basket or something.I am seriously freaking out.My parents and Mike's mom are spending so much money on this shower and if I end up getting just some clothing and small things I will be really pissed.Hopefully everyone will go shopping the last minute or something.
"Weight Watchers" blueberry muffins are delicious.=)
Today I was watching the "Baby Story" on TLC.The episode was about a woman who became pregnant and got breast cancer at the same.Well,they induced her at 34 weeks,baby girl was perfectly healthy and everything was going good.Then her breast cancer turned into a bone cancer.Then she died!I didn't expect that at all.I was so freaking shocked,I couldn't get over it the whole day.Her husband is now raising a five year old and a 2-3 months old all by himself.Life is so cruel sometimes.
Yesterday I had another "Open house".Right now I don't have any listings,but I did this one for my broker.Only one person showed up AND she gave me a wrong phone number.People suck!Mike was there with me cause I didn't feel comfortable sitting in an empty house all by myself.After that we went to Shannon and Mike's house.She had another huge bag of diapers and baby clothes that Mikey grew out of.Now I have a huge amount of diapers and they are all,pretty much,the same size.So I am going to share them with selfmadewife =)
At 5 we went to uncle Pete's surprise retirement party.I,personally,hate surprise parties and would never want one.I got so scared that the old man will pass out or something,but everything turned out to be ok.It was like a wedding:open bar,dj,dance floor,etc I wished he had it last year..=( I couldn't drink or dance (the night before I had a big scare,I thought I was going into an early labor.I felt a lot of pressure in between by legs,it felt like his head was coming out.I lay down for half an hour and the feeling went away.Now everything is fine),I was just sitting there,eating and talking to everybody about my pregnancy.People were really nice,wishing me luck and such.The only thing that really bothered me was the comment that Roseanne made.She said that I don't look like I am carrying a boy.WTF?!Every single person told me that it looks like I am hiding a basketball under my shirt,that's how high I am carrying.EVERYBODY thinks it's a boy.But she had to say something to make me feel all unsure(I am really sensitive lately).Now I want another ultrasound.But my doctor told me that I might not be getting one because my pregnancy is going great,baby turned head down and is normal size.My next appointment in on March 2nd with my favorite nurse practitioner =) She is a sweetheart,maybe I'll convince her to give me another ultrasound...=)
Если разобрать вас на части, то вы состоите из
легкие запахи, плющевые тапочки, тепло, миг рассвета, воскресный пикник, надежда на сегодня, Толстой в оригинале
Пройти тест

Feb. 17th, 2006

I feel much better today.Pills are working great!I think I will be completely ok by the weekend.
Just got home from my OB.Everything is fine:blood pressure,urine,weight,etc My baby is already positioned head down.I am so exited.Shannon just told me that a friend of hers,who is due exactly a month before me,is going to have a c-section because her baby is laying across.I was pretty freaked out by that.Thank God I am ok.

Feb. 16th, 2006

Holy crap!I didn't know Angelina Jolie is due May 3rd.Only a week after me!!!!I thought she is like 3 months pregnant or something.Now I feel like a complete elephant.
That's what I got for Valentine's Day this year from my beloved husband =) A "Coach" umbrella and a pair of super cute shoes for Max.

Feb. 9th, 2006

I got sick.I have no idea how that happened.I was really careful.My throat is killing me,I have a stuffy nose and just overall tired and weak.I don't know what to do,I can't take any medications or anything like that,so I just drink a lot of orange juice and tea,put a wool scarf around my neck and slept with a humidifier with some "Vicks" in it.But I don't think that's enough.Do you guys have any ideas?


We decided to bank baby's cord blood.It's pretty costly,but I think it's totally worth it,considering there are whole bunch of illnesses running in Mike's family (cancer,heart attack,etc).These stem cells can also help our relatives if anything ever happens.We should receive the kit next week.We are making the right decision.

I fixed it!!

What a relief.Now it works.I just had to "refresh" the page twice and that's it.

We bought a pair of "Robeez" for Max.They are made like sandals.SO adorable!

Something is going on with my LJ.I can't see anybodies updates or my own comments!WTF??!!!How do I fix it???
Today Mike and I finally saw "Walk the Line".I absolutely loved it.Max liked it too,each time the music would start,he would start kicking.I am thinking about getting him a Johnny Cash CD =)

I read in one of my baby magazines that when you play music for you "belly" it doesn't really do anything,but when you read a book to it your baby will actually know it,recognize it and it will calm him down.So,each time before going to bed I read one chapter from "Winnie the Phoo" in russian.It's the only book for kids that I have.The funny thing is,that every time I start reading,Max starts kicking.It's SO sweet.

I found the sling I want.It's from "Primaxx" and I already put it on my registry.It's 10 times better that the one I bought before and almost half the price!
Yesterday arrived my sling.And it's a piece of shit.It's not what I expected.At all.Now I have to go to the post office and return it.But I can't get my money for the shipping back.It sucks.A lot.I should try to buy it on e-bay.

Jan. 31st, 2006

Here is the sling I ordered yesterday.It's going to be the most useful thing ever.Mike likes it already,told me he will be wearing it with no problems.I thought he would never even go near it.Surprise!!=))

Jan. 30th, 2006

Shannon gave me two bags of stuff for the baby:one bag filled with clothing,socks,booties,hats and onesies.And the other one with diapers Mikey grew out of.I separated them by size:1,1/2 and 2.I am so freaking exited.Can't wait to put them on my little man =)


I finally closed on a deal.Yahoo!!!Got paid,how exiting.Although we can't really do anything with this money,just pay the mortgage and all the other bills until Mike gets his job back.But we really need a new roof.Ours is leaking in a bunch of places,each time it rains it's like a waterfall in the master bedroom.Water damage all over the place.It sucks.Yesterday we got an estimate and it will cost us $4,200 to put a new one up.Mike's mom's boyfriend might do it for a lot cheaper,but it will take him longer+no warranties.He is just a handyman,not a company.So I really don't know.We also need to finish baby's bathroom.It's a disaster.We need to install a new shower,tile the whole damn thing,put a new sink in,mirror,etc And only 3 months left.I am getting nervous.

Today Mike and I are going to a free seminar about baby safety,or something like that.They promise a $100 value gift for everyone who comes,so we are in.If it's free it's for me =)
Yesterday we went to RE/MAX new year kick off party.It was pretty nice,too bad I couldn't drink.It would've been even more fun.
Tonight is Jen's Birthday.The party starts at 10 pm.It's usually my bed time.I don't even know how long I'll last.
After I am done with my pregnancy the first thing I am doing is dying my hair dark.I am obsessed with this idea.Can't wait.The color I picked is something like this...

Guys,is anybody interested in buying some border for kids room with frogs,bees and dragonflies?We have 8 rolls left,brand new,never opened.Each roll is 5 yards (4,57 meters).It was a custom order,so we can't return it.I will also put it on e-bay,but I wanted to post it here first.=)

Jan. 23rd, 2006

I woke up this morning and I didn't even recognize myself in the mirror!I don't know who is looking at me.Face,body,clothing-IT'S NOT ME!!!All bloated and fat.I almost started to cry.Nothing fits,but 2 pares of pants,a sweatshirt and a couple of sweaters (everything is from a maternity store).And I am only on my 27th weeks.I can't spend any more money on clothing,it's ridiculous.I should try to borrow some from moms who gave birth already.I hope I will look the way I used to after the delivery.I hope I will get my features back.

Doctors Appointment

Everything went well.My blood pressure is fine,stomach is the perfect size,baby's heartbeat is good too.The only thing is that I am really swollen.I read a bunch of times on-line that it's pretty dangerous for me and the baby and that I suppose to do some kind of diet to get rid of it.I told my doc about it and he said that it's all bullshit and that as long as my blood pressure is fine and I feel fine I don't need to do anything crazy.Just try to eat as little salt as possible.So,no more pizza and mozzarella sticks for me =))
On Sunday I was doing an "Open House" and not one person showed up.May be because the weather was pretty bad,or may be because the listing agent didn't advertise it enough...Thank God Mike went with me (I didn't feel comfortable sitting in an empty house all by myself),we watched TV,ate lunch,laughed our asses off.Had a great time!After that we met with my father-in-law and his wife and finally ordered the furniture for the nursery.It's gorgeous.I am so exited!It should be here in 8 to 12 weeks.I hope it will get here on time,so I can set everything up for the little guy.It's coming all the way from Canada,so...nobody knows,I might get ot after my due date.
Closing is on Thursday.Yahoo!To get ready for such an occasion I got a manicure.=))
I am 26 weeks pregnant.98 days to go!!!

Jan. 16th, 2006

Today we were suppose to go order furniture for the nursery with Mike's dad and his wife(we picked an awesome set from Chanderic a while ago),but...the store is closed on Saturdays!!!How much does that suck?!They were coming from NYC and we planned everything last Sunday (they come to our house,we go out for lunch then to the store,then whatever else) and now the whole day is fucked cause I didn't plan anything and it's raining,so there is nothing to do.And plus I have no idea when we will be able to go again.Somebody told me that it takes 8 to 12 weeks to get the furniture.And I have 14 weeks and 3 days until my due date.That's great!